Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Marketing ... Pay per click ads

Let us help you create your pay per click ads
• Pay per click ads defined 
• Why create Pay per click ads
• How to create your Pay per click ads

...Pay per click ads defined...
What are pay per clicks ads? Why to use pay per click ads in your business? And how to create pay per click ads?

Pay per click ads, also known as PPC or cost per click ads, is a way of advertising your business online.  This method works by directing traffic to your website. The advertiser, you, posts your ad on a publishers site, typically a website owner, and when the ad is clicked, it directs the interest to your site, and for every click, you pay the publisher.

...Why create pay per click ads...
1. Increase sales
Pay per clicks ads are a form of marketing your business. Increase your business awareness and increase sales.

2. Earn Money
When your site begins to have high traffic, other advertisers will want to use you to post their ads. This can be one of the most easiest ways to make money online. 

...How to create pay per click ads...
1. Create Ad
Ad can be text only, or text and image with attractive message to interest the intended audience

2. Find your Publisher
Decide where you want to post your site. Social media such as Facebook is a good starting place because there it has a very huge network. Other ideal Publishers include sites that have a high traffic volume and offer related or complimentary services. Keep in mind cost of each click and traffic quality.

3. Search Engine Optimise your ad
Add the keywords that people looking for your product or service are most likely to type in the search engine when looking for your product or service, for example, “Virtual Assistants in Kelowna”.  This allows your post to show up top of the list among your competitors.

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