Laci Management is a business administration support company that offers business management software, training, and administration support management services to small businesses.

To be the best at delivering innovative and effective solutions to managing small businesses.  
• Adding Measurable Value 
The questions we are constantly asking are "What problem are we solving?" and "How can we touch the value we are adding?"  If we can touch it, we can measure it, and if we can measure it, we can improve. 
• Outstanding Quality Service

We invest in recruiting and training the very best so we can deliver outstanding professional service to our clients.
• Employee Satisfaction
Our people are everything.  We are constantly finding innovative ways to keep our team motivated, engaged, committed, productive, and happy.


• Certified trainers and business management specialists
• Over 15 years of business administration experience 
• Innovative and effective solutions for managing your small business
• Outstanding quality service

 myLaci-B business management software
 Business training workshops
 Business management support
myLaci-B ... your very own Business Management System helps you organize and manage your SMALL BUSINESS.  From strategic planners, performance trackers, client management solutions to product design, and market competitive advantage tools, our software will help you create, organize, manage, and succeed in your business.  
Laci Management also provides Business Training and Development for small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and corporate companies.  Training can be customized to better suit organizational needs. Our flag product is the Capitalize on Diversity Business Training, helping Organizations maximize their profits by taking care of their human capital.  
In addition, we offer virtual Business Administration Support with services including Leadership, Project Management, Marketing, and HR.  Clients outsource tasks to us because they do not have the time, money, specialized skill, or passion to manage areas of their business administration. We help businesses save time, money, and increase sales.  We work from our home office connecting with clients using phone and email and available to come to your office when needed.