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*Please feel free to send us your resume even if positions are closed, w always take time to consider valuable talent.

These projects are open for application to Laci Management Specialists only.  To become an LM Specialist, you must first apply and be offered the Job Position (below).

• Executive Director, Laci Ministry
• Manager, Laci Management
• CFO, Laci Management
• President, Laci Foundation
 President, Laci School
• Portfolio Manager, Laci Investments
 Facilities Manager, Laci Community Center
 Facilities Manager, Laci Fitness
• Manager, Laci Naturals
• Manager, Laci Club

• Administrative Management, Laci Management
• Chef - Natural Health Specialist, Laci Naturals
• Customer Service Specialist, Laci Naturals
• Custodian, Laci Community Center
 Executive Assistant, Laci Management
• Facilities Coordinator, Laci Fitness
• Financial Specialist , Laci Management
• IT Specialist, Laci Management
• IT - Program Developer Specialist, Laci Management
Human Resources Specialist, Laci Management
Marketing Specialist, Laci Management
• Marketing - Graphics Designer Specialist,  Laci Management

• Marketing - Product/Service Launch Specialist, Laci Management
Marketing - Public Relations Specialist, Laci Management
• Programs Coordinator, Laci Community Center
• Sales Specialist - B2B Portfolio, Laci Management
• Sales Specialist -  B2C Portfolio, Laci Management
• Sales - Grant Writer Specialist, Laci Management
• Tailor - Laci Fitness


• Personal Trainer, Laci Fitness
• Instructor - Life Management, Laci School
• Instructor - Business Management, Laci Management

• Manufacturer - Natural and Organic Produce and Products
• Manufacturer - Performance Apparel *T-shirts + Leggings + Caps etc

 Personal Assistant