Business Management

 Business Start Up Planning; Operations, Marketing, and Financial Planning
• Business Development Strategies; Product design, growth, market positioning, and team performance, strategies
• Business Management Strategies; 
Operations Strategic Planning;  Risk Management Analysis, HR Strategic Planning; ob Design & Diversity& Recruitment & Selection, Performance Mgmt & Employee Rights & Discipline, Compensation Structure & Equity, Employee Rewards & Benefits, Health & Safety, Sales Strategic Planning; Client Relationship Management, Marketing Consulting, Financial Strategic Planning; Financial Fundamentals, Asset and Cash Management

• *Strategic Planning 
•  Management Reports
• Business Planning
• Business Launch; activate Business Management System
• Organizing
• Controlling
• Annual Reports

Executive & Administration Support Management
• Calendar Management; Setting up meetings & appointments, managing travel arrangements
• Meetings Management; Meeting agenda distribution, meeting invites, location planning, minute taking, etc
• Communications Management; Answering calls & taking messages, sorting & responding to emails
• Office Management; Staffing
• Admin Support; coordination support in Projects, HR, Operations, Marketing, and Finances

Project Management
• Project Planning
• Project Proposals
• Project Execution (Management & Coordination)
• Business Launch; activate Business Management System
• Research & Development; Product/Service Design, R&D Research - Market placement and pricing

Operations Management
• Ops Planning; Service/Product delivery plans
• Ops Admin Support; program/service coordination
• Office Set Up; Layout & design plans, IT setup, mailbox setup
• Documents; Service agreements, policies & procedures, risk management analysis
• Other; Business registration

Human Resources Management
• Recruiting & Selection; Writing & Posting Jobs Ads, Interviewing, Creating and sending offer letters and contracts, Orientation
• Volunteers Recruitment & Management
• *Training & Development; Designing orientation packages, designing customized training outlines, facilitating training
• Compensation; model design, payroll management
• Performance Management; model design, performance reviews
• Documents; Employment/Contract Agreements

Marketing Management
• Product/Service Launch; Design/Packaging
• App Design 
• Website Management; Website & Blog Creation, Website Content Management, Blog Posting
• Branding; Logo Design, etc 
• Marketing Tools Design; Business Cards, Brochures, Rack Cards, Thank you Cards, Letterheads, Product/Service Information Leaflet 
• Marketing Ads Design; Posters, Flyers, Products & Services Ads, Social Media Ads, Event Invitations, Email Headers, Web & Social Media Headers, Newsletters, Radio Ad, Television Ad, Newspaper Ad
• Social Media Management; Creating social media accounts, Wkly Posts, Responding to comments. (Including; Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube)
 Marketing Campaigns; Email Marketing, Social Media, Google Pay per Click, Newspaper, Radio
• Events; Product Launch, Community Engagement
• Event Planning; Event Management & Coordination (Event Plan, Event Program), Event Marketing (Webpage, Social Media, Poster Design, Email Marketing, & Ads), Event Financial Reports
• Market Research; Target Profile Report, Market Research Report, Surveys

Sales Management
• *Client Relationship Management; Client Database Management, Personal 1on1 calls, Satisfaction Surveys, Thank You Events
• Prospecting; Cold Calling, Sales Presentations, Product/Service Proposals
• Fundraising; Grant Writing/Fund Proposals
• Fundraising Campaigns; KickStarter, Indiegogo
• Public Relations Campaigns; Event Networking, Community Engagement Campaigns
• Documents; Sales Contracts

Financial Management
• Investment Management
• Bookkeeping; Receipts Filing
• Financial Statements; Monthly Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Owners Equity, Cash Flow Statement
• Templates; Invoices, Timesheets, Expense Forms

• Documents; Contracts, Case Briefs Drafting

• Hourly rate - $40usd/hr
• 5hr Package - $187.50usd
• 10hr Package - $350usd
• 20hr Package - $650usd