Thursday, October 5, 2017

Prepping for an Interview


Admin Position Sample

About You
• Tell us about yourself?
• Where do you see yourself 5 yrs from now?
• What do you know about this position and why did you apply for it?
• What skills make you qualify for this position?
• What are your Strengths?
• What are your Weaknesses?

Technical Skills
• What is your Administrative Experience?
• What is your Microsoft Experience?
• What are your Organisation Skill?
• Tell about your current role?
• 3 things you learnt from your current position?

Interpersonal Skills
• What makes you say you are Reliable, Honest, Trust Worthy
• How are you with Taking orders
• How do you handle running behind schedule?

Behavioral Questions
Tell us about a scenario where you …
• Worked under pressure and what did you do?
• Didn’t meet a target & how did you handle that?
• Took charge of the execution of a project from start to finish?
• Experienced frustration and how did you handle that?
• Demonstrates flexibility?
• Helped a team mate?

• 1 greatest accomplishment at current place of employment
•1 greatest accomplishment in reference to passion

Are you a Cultural Fit?
• What do you know about LACIM?
• Why do you want to work for LACI Ministry?
• Why are you looking for another job?
• Whats your ideal work environment? (working from home, social casual culture, business like env. etc)
• What do you look for in a company you want to work for?
• What do you want to get from working with us?
• What are you expecting from us?
• What we expect from you
• Do you have Any questions?

• Computer Access? & Microsoft Office Access? Internet Access?
• Whats your schedule. When will you have time to work on our projects
• Hrs can wrk (2-4hrs/wk)
• Contract Terms
• Salary/ min wage
• Avail start date
• What happens next? Consider Interview, possible 2nd interview & Send Offer Letter within the next 3 weeks. Orientation, Training

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