Thursday, February 22, 2018

Open Projects, Laci Management

Project Details

1. Business Management Specialist, Laci Management - 20hrs/wk - $200/mth - 6mths
*2. Project Management, Laci Naturals - 20hrs/wk - $150/mth - 3mths
*3. Customer Service Specialist, Laci Naturals - 4hrs/wk - $50/mth - ongoing
*4. Delivery Customer Service Specialist, Laci Naturals - 4hrs/wk - $50/mth - ongoing
5. Corporate Memberships, Laci Fitness - $25/client/Ongoing
6. Grant Writing, Laci Managemt - $25/application
7. Grant Writing, Laci Foundation - $25/application
8. Grant Writing, Laci Naturals - $25/application
9. Grant Writing, Laci Fitness - $25/application
*10. Label package design, Laci Naturals - $25/label/15 Mar2018 - 2018 Apr Wk 4
11. Website Design, Laci Naturals - Apr Wk 4 - $tbd
*12. Delivery Basket Flyer, Laci Naturals - 2018 Apr Wk 4 - $tbd
13. Corporate Membership Flyer, Laci Fitness - 2018 Apr Wk 4 - $tbd
14. Monthly Marketing Campaign, Laci Management
*15. Monthly Marketing Campaign, Laci Naturals - 2018 Apr Wk 4
*16. Blog launch, Laci Naturals - 2018 Apr Wk 4
17. Monthly Marketing Campaign, Laci Fitness
*18. YouTube Channel, Laci Fitness - 2018 Apr Wk 4
App Design
19. Strategic Planner, Laci Management
20. Time Tracker, Laci School
21. Goal Setting Tracker, Laci School
22. Health Tracker, Laci Fitness
23. *LN+Delivery, Laci Naturals
24. Recruitment & Selection Project, Laci Management - 20hrs - $50
25. Microsoft Basics Training - Design & facilitate - 20hrs - $50
26. Compensation Model Design - 10hrs - $25
27. Job Descriptions Project, Laci Management
28. Performance Management Model, Laci Management - 10hrs - $25
29. FS/AP/AR, Laci Management - 10hrs/mth - $25/month
*Hiring now.  See about the project below.  All rates are negotiable.

• You must be a Laci Management Project Specialists to apply - apply here.
*All rates are negotiable, please see terms

Negotiable: All rates are negotiable.  Please present your offer in your project proposal.
Payment: Payment is Net 30 or the 15th of the month for previous month's work for invoices submitted before the 5th of the month.  Incomplete/unsatisfactory projects are subject to 0 - 50% payment. Payment is made via e-transfer.
Wkly updates: You are required to update on completed and planned goals via phone, email, whatsapp/skype conference - whatever is best for you Report.
Client correspondence: Copy your manager on all correspondence with Clients and Suppliers.  Please make sure you are discussing your project with your direct report especially before dealing with clients as they are already systems in place that can be utilized.
Email: All completed work must at least be presented via email. Email your completed work progress monthly.
Laci Management can terminate project contract at anytime and if work is unsatisfactory that is why routine updates are required.
If you are unable to completed project for any reason, please let your manager know as soon as possible.

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