Saturday, October 21, 2017


The goal of recruitment is to attract qualified job applicants. Both internal and external factors must be considered when recruiting. The recruitment strategy must also consider the strategies job seekers use. External factors such technological advances and global competition have had a significant influence on Internet and Social Media Recruiting and are to both the employer and job seekers advantage to maximize.

INTERNET RECRUITING: Advantages and Disadvantages
Company uses website or job boards to recruit.
Employer Advantages; Large pool, minimal costs, search beyond normal geographical locations (including opportunities for global video interviews), speeds up process, provide update info on their corporate image, flexibility of posting (can be daily)
Job Seeker Advantages; Access to corporate image which helps in learning the organizations climate, efficiency, and attention to employees
Employer & Job Seeker Disadvantages; Too large pool (many of whom may be unqualified) - means time consuming to screen - minimizing cost benefits, Some seekers still prefer reading traditional paper format job posts, poor quality websites can turn off applicants, available to only seekers with internet access - limiting access to other population sub-groups and therefore not meet with employment equity = discriminatory, imposes on privacy (resume become public knowledge once posted e.g. giving knowledge to current employer one is looking for another job).

SOCIAL RECRUITING: Advantages and Disadvantages
Employer uses social networking sites such as Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter to find candidates.
Advantages; no costs to joining social networks
Disadvantages; not all subgroups use sites and therefore may lead to systematic discrimination, info on sites may be unreliable
Employer guidelines; develop written policy, document use, include other sources in recruiting, avoid screening candidates using social unless certain info is reliable and accurate, otherwise disclose to them you will review social networking sites - and if negative info is found, give them opportunity to respond.
Job Seeker guidelines; Job seekers must beware that employers use this to help asses person - organization fit. 2013 Jobvite Survey showed 93% of recruiters are likely to look at a candidates profiles. Employers reacted negatively to references on doing illegal drugs, profanity, and grammar.

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